17th/18th century red clay teapot

Started by 1sun, Apr 16, 2015, 11:56:13

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Anyone able to identify the age/maker or any other insightful information about this teapot. I think its 17th/18th century and made of red clay.

Pictures attached



Looks like glazed Yixing teapot. Age unknown, but glaze looks as if part of the decoration was added later. My personal view.


I have a couple of things to add, the spout where the tea comes out is at an angle where most of the earlier ones are almost horizontal and the foot on this teapot is not like anything that I have seen on traditional teapots, I wonder how many holes is there inside the teapot where the tea goes into the spout, my guess is on this pot it would be one hole.


can anyone read what the stamped mark or the black painted on mark reads? I would think that would give more insight to the maker/age?


Hi 1sun, I have never seen a mark like that, however I have seen Japanese marks with the fan shape in their stamp, it could just be a studio mark, maybe Peter can help on the mark.