99% sure, 2 Fake Qianlong plates, question about iconography and quality

Started by JokeH, Oct 05, 2022, 15:43:38

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I found some plates with a Qianlong mark (I think), i assume these are fake due to poor quality and fake dirty foot. 
Because I am interested in knowing more about the subject. 
I was wondering, if the iconography, "washing scene" (for as far as i can observe), is matching de Qianlong era?
What is the typical Qianlong iconography?
This could have been painted by a child, does this sometimes apply in Qianlong period ? 

And about the fake ones? Can you identify and date a fake plate? 70's , 80's 90's? 

Very interested in learning more about Chinese Porcelain!
Thanks for the help and information.


I would suggest you read in the main site about marks and why they cannot used for authentication or dating of Chinese porcelain.
While the mark is a 20th century Qianlong mark, all of the decoration looks Japanese, even the people wear Japanese clothes. However, I could not tell if this was made by a Chinese manufacturer for Japan, or if it is just Japanese with a Chinese mark. It is from the 20th century, it seems, but not something antique collectors would acquire.