Another possible fake? 'Late Ming' Bowl

Started by skel1234, Aug 21, 2022, 06:41:19

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This bowl was purchased 5 to 10 years ago as 'Late Ming?' but the seller was uncertain, and it was priced low. I usually collect much later ceramics (C18th and C19th) so I have never been confident of this bowl and never trusted it as genuine. Any assistance would be appreciated! If it isn't simply a modern copy, I'll pop it back on display rather than leave it tucked away in a box! Thanks.


The foot rim is a bit thick. I would think that the decoration is about late Ming to mid Qing. Minyao (private kiln) ware, made for the common folks. The double 喜 character was popular during that time. Depending on the size it is rather a cup than a bowl (...just judging by the base/foot rim proportions).


Many thanks for this! If it is genuine (late ming or Qing) rather than a modern copy then I'm very happy - I had never really trusted it as it is outside of my usual area of collecting. It does lack a bit in quality as you can see from the photos but the condition is nice, and it is quite an attractive piece in its own right, so I will get it back out from storage and display it!

It measures around 10cm in diameter - so as you say, a larger cup rather than a bowl, when talking about Chinese ceramics. The foot rim is chunkier than other cups/bowls I have in a similar size.

Thanks for the help!