Beautiful glazed earthenware eggpot with oceanblue glaze inside

Started by hoogenbosch67, Jun 03, 2021, 00:45:33

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Interesting what these pots were used for. Whats your opinion on age. (ca 1900). Greetings Jan


Not sure if this is Chinese made or not, but Chinese in general do not know this type of ware. And, there is no 'laughing' dragon in any other Chinese decorations.
To find information on this it is recommended to research "Martaban" jars. Martababan is a port in Burma where both Chinese and Burmese storage ceramics were shipped from. Both types are called the same due to the shipping port.
The Chinese 'Martaba'n jars were made in a place in Southern China where it apparently was simpler to transport them to Martaban than inside China and down the Yangtse river. Thus they were not sold within China but mainly in SE Asia (including Borneo), where they are generally better known.