Chinese Jiaqing ?

Started by calder, Nov 15, 2014, 18:51:31

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Peoples thoughts on this bowl ?


More pics.


Would this bowl come under the "Peranakan Straits Nyonya Ware?


No, not Straits porcelain. It would have a different decoration, with phoenix and peony very prominent. See

I am suspicious about this, actually. There are three things I find incongruous:
- The glaze is a bit too white for my taste.
- The top rim decoration shows two rectangular "huiwen" (how are the rectangular whirl or spiral decorations called in English?) linked; they should be endlessly interlinked during that period.
- The dark color of the mark and its off-center position are odd. Both may appear occasionally, but this in combination with the other factors above are a bit too much of a coincidence for my taste.


Hi Peter  thank you for your help I Know it as "key fret border"
People may know it as something else.
What does this bowl pretend to be?
Feels and looks quite old.


Must admit the pictures of bowl are overly white in original post .
More pics of true colour.