Chinese tea pots

Started by Ianf, Jul 26, 2022, 22:42:42

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I have found many Chinese tea pots that have been well used. Without exception they all have their original handles missing, though the lugs are intact. How does this in general affect their value? From what were the original handles made? .
For information most of those I have seen have crude wire handles to replace the originals.


There are lots of different Chinese teapots. Assuming that you talk of porcelain pots having originally wrought iron handles over the top, with a lug on both front or back. It will affect price, a missing lug is damage. Depends on whether the item is a much sought after one or not.
I have restored a lug on one of my pots, but as the restored ones are glued on, not fired, if someone would be going to fit handles and use the pot, it might not hold, after some time, if the glue is not strong enough.
And having a restorer doing it might not be worth it, depending on the item.