Who made this vase? And When?

Started by ufonet, Apr 14, 2018, 02:55:54

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I have a very beautiful modern chinese vase. Do you have an idea about the maker en date? It is a heavy vase. Also loke like green glass between the white areas.
Any idea?


Interesting vase. Looks rather new and combines several different types of decoration styles.


Hello Ufo
The green is part of the under-glaze and isn't glass. As you say it is modern, but much more interesting than some of the modern pieces I've seen. One day it will be a fine antique I believe as it is very pretty indeed. It doesn't always mean much, but is there a seal mark underneath? Sometimes the base and rim give clues too so a photo of the base straight on and at an angle might help those better qualified than me to help you. Best D