Started by rgomes10, Jul 27, 2022, 03:13:47

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In your opinion, is this a fake?
Thank you very much.
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Here again, there are both feet and stilts marks. Stilts are only used if an item is otherwise completely glazed, meaning there is no unglazed foot rim or feet. The support the item during the firing process. This type of small stilts was used in the Song dynasty by only a few kilns. And, even if there were only stilts, there are too many. This is faking that is overdoing it. Such an item would normally have only five stilt marks, and no feet.
Also, please be aware that very dirty items are often fake, because many people associate dirt with old age, and the fakers know that.

Another thing, if that would be really from the kiln this is pretending to be from, its price would be at the least a five digit figure.