Famille rose Bajixiang bow

Started by calder, Apr 06, 2014, 08:28:28

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Would this be classified as such because of the Buddhist Emblems?
Cant make out the mark any ideas?


Late Qing dynasty or republic period. I suspect this might be 20th century.
My reasons are:
Shape:    tea cups of the Qing dynasty are seldom bent outward to this extent at the top rim
Decoration:  black or dark color outlines that are prominent are usually a sign of 20th century decorations; strangely the red wheel has not outlines in black. Is it hand painted?
Both of the above may have exceptions. These are just my own observations.


Hi Peter thank you for your response.
Learning all the time.
It is hand painted-perhaps it was home time and the painter forgot to do the border. They were  rushing :)