Famille rose Canton plate

Started by Adriano, May 04, 2022, 22:00:33

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This is the last addition to my little collection of celadon ground Canton plates.
This decoration was used for a long period, from early to late 19th century, even in early 20th century, may be.
Is there some criteria to give a more precise dating?
The bottom mark is completely different from the others I have.

Thank you.


Hi Adriano,

This type of decoration with birds and butterflies is usually attributed to the Jiaqing/Daoguang period. The fact that the foot rim is slanted might place it perhaps in the Jiaqing reign. I cannot help with the mark, just a pictorial mark; it is unusual that it is marked at all with Canton wares.

Are you aware that this probably has been slightly repainted in some areas, most likely due to fading colors?
The roses are usually painted in different shapes of crimson/pink, but not white. The petals usually have no black contour lines. The same is valid for some contours of leaves and what seems to be fruits, in the lower part, while birds and butterfly seem to be original. The blue flower on the upper left in this cutout image is original, with only very thin outlines. My personal view.


Hi Peter,

thank you for the very useful information.
I know that these plates were sometimes repainted, but I did not have the key to recognize it.
Repainting occured in the 19th century, or also later?
There is a thing I am curious to investigate: these pieces are quite common on the market, but why the price is so changable, up to 1 to 10.
I am aware that antiques do not have a standard price, the painting quality is important, it is different if you buy from an antique shop or from a private seller, but I cannot understand so big differencies.