Registration & Registration Failure -- a note to new users --

Started by peterp, Nov 13, 2020, 11:22:43

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• Registration in general:

Important step -- always wait for the email sent by the registration system, then confirm it (the email address) after you received the automatic confirmation request. Trying to login before you confirm your email will result in registration failure.
It should not take longer than a few minutes before the email arrives.

• To remind you: 

Please check the right mail box! If you subscribe with one email address but check your mail in another mail box, this is not working. Also check your email trash box if confirmation request mail it is in there.
Please note that trying to log in before the email confirmation is completed results in a failure of the registration process. In such a case try to register again and follow the steps to completion.

        ----- Most registration failures are due to not confirming the email address. ----

(Note: we do not collect email addresses or send you advertisements; the confirmation is required only to prevent spam bots from registering; these mostly do not confirm this step of the registration address. If you want to use a throw-away or other normally not used email address for registration it is up to you. However, you should still confirm the address this one time, even if you do not use it normally.)

  ******* If registration failed due to a missed email confirmation, please register again.  ********

>>>>>  A long-standing problem with the forum failing to sending email notifications has been resolved!  If you registered your account might already have been activated, in the meantime ! <<<<<<