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o  Any member who knows the answer to a question can respond to a query.

Please follow these guidelines when posting.

- Copyright of Pictures
- Posting Etiquette
- Value
- Manufacturer
- Date/Age of Item
- Buying/Selling
- Email

Copyright of Pictures
Post only your own pictures.  Pictures of items belonging to third parties, incl. those of auction houses, museums, etc. may not be posted in this forum unless their conditions of use allow use of the pictures on an external site. (You could also use a site like Photobucket or another cloud service for placing the pictures, then post the links.)

Note: Content of this site appears in search results. Please do not post pictures of which you are not the copyright owner in this forum. They will appear in Google, etc. with your post.

Posting Etiquette
All comments shall be directed at the item of a post, and never against a person. This forum is about helping each other, not criticism. We want to keep discussions peaceful.

(All answers are voluntary. If participants request more information in order to help, you can conform or go elsewhere. Please note that any flaming or other verbal attacks on other participants for whatever reason can get you banned.)

The Forum is not for discussing value*. Please read general information under ?Value of Antiques? (see menu on main site).

* 'Collecting value' is the value collectors put on the possession of an item, and it is not necessarily monetary value. Problems arise when discussing the monetary value, because depending on the region that may widely differ.

Manufacturer/Age/Date of Manufacture
With antique Chinese porcelain the manufacturer and date of manufacture is usually not known. It is therefore usually impossible to pinpoint the manufacturer or manufacturing date exactly. (It is also usually impossible to date items based on marks alone, for reasons explained under ?Marks?)

This blog may not be used for offering/selling ceramics of any type to visitors or third parties. However, it is all right to ask for 'opinions' on where to sell or buy.
It is not all right, however, to post names or links to dealer websites, etc. We want to avoid that the commercial element affects the quality of posts.

Your email will not be made available to third parties. Please do not enter your email address in the body of your message.

Article Posting
This forum is for discussing authenticity, age, etc. of antique porcelain. There is currently no board for posting articles, etc.
Please use the main forum boards for item specific discussion only.