Help to identify mystery blue and white jar

Started by Veri, Jul 22, 2022, 12:19:27

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Dear Peter and friends,
could anyone help to identify if this jar is of Asian origin or a Dutch copy.
The jar appears to be thickly molded, covered inside and out in a thick milky white glaze.
The cobalt blue is of a deep violet blue toning to a lighter in the paler brushings.
My guess is the peony flower, moth and the greek key line border suggest Oriental/Islamic influence[attach id=52949]DSCF4552.jpg[/attach][attach id=52951]DSCF4553.jpg[/attach][attach id=52953]DSCF4554.jpg[/attach][attach id=52955]DSCF4555.jpg[/attach][attach id=52957]cizhou painted jar.jpg[/attach]    ?
Although the jar has damage I kept it because the design was very similar to a Cizhou patterned jar I saw online many years ago..I keep some images on file to aid in learning more about ceramics.
any comments would be most welcome and much appreciated.
best regards,Veri


Hello again,
I cannot tell where this was made, but not in the Far East. The shape does not even exist in Chinese porcelain, and decorations were often similar, that is some kilns copied others. But what you have is underglaze blue... the decoration looks western to me.

Painted Cizhou wares of old never had underglaze blue. Look at this, these are mostly Cizhou wares:

You will recognize the one you mentioned among thiese. Cizhou wares were painted in a very dark brown, not black or blue. The ground was mostly yellowish or white slip, not white porcelain, because of the color of the Cizhou clay.