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Started by rgomes10, Jul 25, 2022, 23:09:07

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Can someone help me with the period, please?
Thank you very much.
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The pigment tone, glaze and decoration itself loo as if they are Qing dynasty. However, the unglazed bottom is not at all typical for that period. This pictures or not quite sufficient, but if this is not yours yet, I would recommend not buy it. 
The bottom in this picture looks as if there is no foot rim. There might be an elevated area instead of the foot rim, or it is flat. If it is the former, it may not be antique, and BW items would mostly have existed only in the transitional period, until the Shunzhi reign, but the blue pigment and decoration do not appear from that period.

With this gourd shape I would think there should be at least two horizontal seams visible inside and possibly outside, from manufacturing. If there are none, this is more likely from the recent decades. The main floral decoration looks like something from the Guangxu reign, but they would not have had such a bottom, but a glazed one with a foot rim.