Started by rgomes10, Jul 26, 2022, 00:46:59

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Is this from Song dynasty or later?
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Looks old, but I have doubts that make me believe it might be a later fake. Not sure, though. The problem is that with monochromes like this we can only rely on glaze and unglazed areas for evaluation. Thus, what I say here is about all that is possible with a visual evaluation based on pictures.
What I would do if you own this already is keep it and when you have an opportunity, have someone experienced with monochromes do a hands-on check complete with microscope for the glaze age signs, etc.

As you already seem to know this is in a Song style. Looks as if it was imitating a certain Ru item. But its walls are too thick for that. The crackling may or may not be artificially induced. If that is artificial, then faking technology has advanced a step further.

The feet are not well aligned to the contour of the item. And not sure what the five stilt marks are for. They are not placed in such a manner in the center, normally. Further, if there are unglazed feet, then no stilts would be required. I do not think the old Chinese would have wasted work on something superfluous. The dark feet are most likely dyed, to give the impression that the clay body is of this type. If the clay body was dark, any protruding edges would show a darker color.
Personally I think this is more likely a 20th century Ru ware imitation.