Info sought on small crackle glazed pot

Started by Veri, Jul 26, 2022, 11:55:10

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Hello Peter and friends,
I am trying to decide whether to add this piece to my collection, but would like some info as to origin and age.
The pot is quite small; appears to consist of a hard coarse grey type stone ware covered inside and out with a pale grey glaze which has a 2 color craze pattern on the exterior.
Any info appreciated.


The crackle glaze is imitating a Song/Yuan Ge crackle glaze. Ge glazes have been faked until present. I do not recognize the bottom type as being of the Ming or Qing dynasties. If they were I would be more positive about collectability. I think that someone tried to make this look more like the original thing, which simply means it could be a fake, earlier or later. It's impossible to tell when this was made, but it is not original Song/Yuan.
Imitations that were made in the Ming or Qing dynasties often have a base pertaining to those periods, they do not fake everything but merely the decoration. Avoid it, I would say.