I am confused....

Started by Ianf, Oct 10, 2022, 20:34:33

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...... About this bowl. I have been told it is GungSai and about 180 years old. But it looks and feels new. The decor is hand painted, not transfers and it is translucent. Please help to confirm this item. Thank you so much again.


Yes, it is probably new/unused or 20th century vintage. It is at least partially transfer printed. Please look at the roundels and compare them. Everything is in the exact same position, but the blue color is missing in places. Also, hand-painted lines don't normally have intermittent breaks unless the ink of the brush has run out.
The decoration does not look like a traditional Chinese decoration. And the top rim should show at least some usage traces. Such simple items like this would have been made for the common folks who would have actually used them.