Info sought on green glazed crackle bowl

Started by Veri, Jul 19, 2022, 10:25:03

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any info on approximate age of this bowl would be helpful.
There is a gold colored metal band that was fitted around the rim edge which I removed for these photos.
Bowl measures 20.7 cm.s wide and 8.6 cm.s high.
Robustly potted and weighs approx: 916 grams
many thanks for your assistance.[attach id=52941]DSCF4539.jpg[/attach][attach id=52939]DSCF4540.jpg[/attach][attach id=52943]DSCF4541.jpg[/attach][attach id=52945]DSCF4542.jpg[/attach]       


The mark says it is Shunzhi reign of Qing dynasty, but the bottom, foot rim and overall appearance makes me think it is 20th century (or later). The crackling is not natural age crackling but was induced, it appears.
There are also no age, patina, or usage signs as one could expect from a very old item.


Thankyou Peter,
I will not keep this item in a collection which I want to start.
Thanks again for sharing your expertise it is very helpful.
regards, Veri