Large Qianlong style bowl 20th century?

Started by Stan, Nov 11, 2022, 05:35:06

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Hi Peter, it has been awhile since I posted, It is like Chinese antique porcelain has dried up around here. this is a new addition to my collection, this bowl is 36.8 cm wide, Im not sure if it is a punch bowl or not, at the top rim it is fairly thin and yet light does not transfer through with a flash light so it is not pure porcelain and it is heavy, the bottom mark is red with the initials U.W United Wilson dated 1897, so far I found that this was a factory dating from the late Qing to the republic period Im thinking 1925-30 I would like to know what you think on age, I have never seen anything like it or the mark, thanks for your expertise.


Here are more photo's to view, I forgot to mention on the bottom I have never seen stilt marks like this and the faces look a little strange to me.


Here is the last 2 Photo's, thanks for your help.


The base is completely different from Chinese ones. UW is a Hong Kong factory. The painting style is not Chinese either. Looks like Chinoiserie, but the mark and its date may differ from the actual date it was made.
We cannot judge this by comparing with items made in China. It just looks that there are no usage signs, like abrasion of the gilt, etc..