Pair of Chinese Porcelain Tile Identify

Started by maxsachin, Sep 08, 2021, 12:25:07

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This is beautiful enamel porcelain tile in pair but I don't know who is the artist and how old is that. Also want to know how much this is worth?

Kindly check this for me please.

With Frame: 21.5x8.5 inch
Without Frame: 19.2x6.2 inch

Thanks in advance


Please note that we do not talk about monetary value in this forum.
However, I'm afraid this is not antique either.
There is a cyclical year that if right would say 1943 or 2003 as the year it was painted. The previous one would be 1883 which is impossible. The colors and painting style are 20th century or later. In addition it is too large. In the 19th century flat items of this size were virtually impossible to produce. If it was cm instead of inch that would be possible, though. This looks too new even for early 20th century, in my opinion.