What have I bought?

Started by rickeyy, Dec 30, 2013, 07:57:45

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I have three Chinese vases where two of them are twins
I would like to have them identified, could you please help me with that?


Thank You
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Blue and white vase:
I'm afraid this looks pretty new. The decoration would correspond to items made in the Jiaqing/Daoguang reigns (early 19th century), but if that is really such a white glaze as shown at the top and base, then it is more likely a more recent copy. It looks too perfect, not any patina or age signs.
The mark is an apocryphal Chenghua mark (15th century) that is only for decoration.

Famille rose vase:
This vase looks also fairly new. The gilt, colors and intricated details shown mean that this was not painted during the Qing dynasty. The shape is also something unconvential, not one of the traditional Chinese shapes. The Qianlong mark on the base is often seen on later porcelain.


PS: Closeup pictures (partial) of bottom/foot rim and top, just inside mouth, of the B/W vase might help verifying what is mentioned regarding the glaze. But if the color hue of the actual item corresponds to that shown in the images the result will be the same. With the other vase there is no possibility that it is antique, I'm afraid.


Hi again, thank you very much for the prompt answer and the information about the vases.. It is very Nice to know a bit more about them. The blue vase do actually have marks and age signs, it is just the camera flash that blown Them away.. If this vase is not a fake  how much would you say it is worth?      I do also have this vase (attached) it seems to be pretty old. I bought it for 10 years ago where it was the stand of a lamp so unfortunately they have Cut off the button of the vase :( do you have any ideas about this vase?  Thank you for your expertise! BR Rickey http://i44.tinypic.com/2vwsrgj.jpg


Sorry, we don't talk about value here. Please read about "Value of Antiques" here http://www.chinese-antique-porcelain.com/value-of-antiques.html . Value is a matter relative to many factors.

The other picture is a bronze item. Cannot help with that. Bronze items require a different expertise.



Nice vase, it looks like late Qing to me blue and white, I think they call this a beaker vase not sure though.


Stan, the beaker vase is also called Ku vase. :-)
I don't know if there is a different name for this shape in English, but translated from Chinese it would be "Phoenix Tail" vase. You should be able to find many similar vases by doing an image search.
Notable is that the original item has a rounded shoulder and straight neck ending in a trumpet-shaped mouth. This one is slightly deviating from the classic phoenix tail vase.
As regards the decoration, this is the same as the one used on 'wedding' jars. The decoration started to be used in the early 19th century and was used throughout the late Qing dynasty and early republic, perhaps even longer.


Thanks Peter you really have me studying details these days.