Started by calder, Jan 12, 2014, 08:54:38

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Hi was also left this bowl by my uncle any info most welcome.
Why the mention of Yongle mark in middle of bowl?
Also is it rice bowl?
Forgive my ignorance.
Many thanks Alan


Never seen such a strange bottom. There is already a foot rim, why should they have added another one with a larger diameter?
Genuine Ming Yongle marks were written on the inside. But this can be discounted. First, if I remember right only 4.5 bowls with the Yongle mark are known (0.5 means it is a broken, incomplete item). Real marking on a larger scale started only after the Yongle reign. And, Yongle marks were written in an unique style, which otherwise is only known from another reign. Most current marks of this type were applied later in the Ming dynasty or in modern times. But, the Yongle mark is also sometimes found on Japanese porcelain.
In this case the porcelain is either more recent or Japanese. I think it could be Japanese because the decoration on the outside gives a distinct Japanese impression.


Thank you Peter for you time and trouble.
Regards Alan